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Gift Card - Agile Goal Setting Course

Gift Card - Agile Goal Setting Course

Gift Card - Agile Goal Setting Course

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What does it involve?

My online self-improvement course deep dives into the three-step, agile goal-setting process. This course will empower you to achieve your goals throughout five areas of your life: finances, relationships, personal development, career, and health. 

Learning outcomes 

Through my online courses, you will:

- Understand the difference between rigid and agile goals.

- Recognize the value and importance of holistic goal setting in each of the five areas of your life. 

- Acquire clarity and achieve your goals by leveraging the three-step, agile goal-setting process.

- Complete an individualized goal-setting plan for the next 12 months.

- Develop a tracking system for your action plan review.

Who is this for?

Online courses are suitable for you if you resonate with any of the below points:

- You haven’t worked with an online life coach before and want to try a course first.

- You struggle to stick to a plan and achieve those goals you set yourself.

- You feel stuck and don’t know how to progress.

- You’ve dipped your toe into personal development and would like some key tools to start defining your life path.

- You’re not sure if coaching is for you but want some tangible takeaways to start your transformational journey.

What will you receive when you enroll?

  • Two-hour, self-paced courses (30 video lessons) - $40 USD
  •  Live webinar once a month with a professional coach - $250 USD
  •  Three templates to reach your goals (weekly planning, habit tracker, meal planner) - $30 USD
  •  A +10-page printable workbook that accompanies lessons - $20 USD
  • *For limited time* - the first 20 people that sign up will get 1 FREE one-on-one coaching session - $650 USD

Total Value: $59 USD

>Today ONLY for $35 USD

  • Brigitte Capontes, Market Financial Analyst

    ''Daya’s agile program for goal setting truly inspired me to look deeper and figure out my goals not only using my why in life but also using an agile approach to adapt quickly and efficiently to changes. Her course was not only inspirational, but it also gave me all the tools to achieve my full potential in all areas of my life. Thank you for such powerful sessions.''-

  • Luisana Naranjo, Accountant JLL

    "This was my first experience doing goal setting and it definitely was an eye-opening experience. It helped me so much to gain clarity on what I really wanted and choose what I wanted to focus on because as she said, we can do it all, just not everything at the same time. Thank you for giving me the tools and for reminding me that I can accomplish whatever I set my heart to.''

  • Ruth Teresa Hernandez

    Where to start? THANK YOU! I bought your course and it's dynamite for the soul. I've been investing one hour a day and I just got to the "why". Each video is SO enriching that I must pause it and internalize it in my mind and heart. Thank you so much, what a blessing I got it. It is incredible the level of passion that you transmit