• Brigitte Capontes, Market Financial Analyst

    ''Daya’s agile program for goal setting truly inspired me to look deeper and figure out my goals not only using my why in life but also using an agile approach to adapt quickly and efficiently to changes. Her course was not only inspirational, but it also gave me all the tools to achieve my full potential in all areas of my life. Thank you for such powerful sessions.''-

  • Luisana Naranjo, Accountant JLL

    "This was my first experience doing goal setting and it definitely was an eye-opening experience. It helped me so much to gain clarity on what I really wanted and choose what I wanted to focus on because as she said, we can do it all, just not everything at the same time. Thank you for giving me the tools and for reminding me that I can accomplish whatever I set my heart to.''

  • Lis Maribal, Digital Manager, Canadian Tire

    During this course, I learned the value of writing down your thoughts and ideas in a format that helps you visualize what you have to do and those action steps that will bring you closer to achieving your goal.

  • Vanessa Arias, Entrepreneur

    After the goal-setting course, I learned the power of the written word because when you organize yourself and write down your goals, you create a higher level of commitment. Therefore, the probability that the goals will be achieved is much higher.

  • Alejandro Tondolo, Field Engineer, Aecon Group

    Daya taught me the bulletproof way of planning - how to plan in a way that I could adapt to anything that might happen in my life

  • Rebeca Monroy

    The goal setting course made me realize the importance of understanding my why, and writing down all my goals and the activities to make them happen, not only just thinking about them

  • Hayley Brown - Head of Product Operations Shopify

    Daya is a highly driven, goal-oriented, passionate, and energetic coach. She has a deep understanding of human emotions and how to make small, actionable steps toward achieving your ultimate goals. When I talk to Daya it has really helped me understand what motivates me at my core. It allows me to hone in on what might seem like an impossible task and break it down into small actionable steps, kind of eating an elephant one bite at a time. She absolutely walks the talk, she is an inspiration to follow, to bounce ideas out of, and motivates me to be the absolute best version of myself

  • Cynthia  Urdaneta - Project Manager - City of Mississauga

    I learned how important it is to trust professionals who are there to guide you and give you the tools to help you succeed. How important it is to understand why you are setting a goal since it helps you visualize it. I learned how to define my plan, follow it and readjust it if needed. And to use the lessons learned, what worked, when you're stuck to move forward

  • Dylan Hughes - Technology Manager, Shopify

    Daya puts her passion for helping others develop and grow at the forefront of all her interactions. She is able to help them create a safe space where difficult decisions can be mapped out into actionable steps. Her situational coaching and mentoring are backed by strong frameworks and models making the hard stuff seem very easy. What’s very impressive about Daya’s style is that she is able to incorporate development in a way that is aligned with the individual’s personal and professional values. Making me feel comfortable at all times.

  • Laura Gutierrez - Pricing Analyst - DSV

    “These first four sessions have been incredible. It has really been a game changer to have established my goals and reviewed them periodically. It has allowed me to focus like never before, and much of what I achieved in my first quarter was because of this, so it was also thanks to you! Making this space for me has helped me to work and improve all areas of my life, and knowing that you give me 100% of your attention when we are in session fills me with motivation! I look forward to our next sessions! Really thank you for what you do"

  • Fabiana Santana - HR Generalist - Smith + Andersen 

    With Daya I learned that when going through a difficult situation in any of the areas of life, it is important to stop, assimilate what happened, evaluate the situation, understand how we are feeling, and only then define the next steps to move forward

  • Julio Perez, Comedian

    After having serval sessions with Daya, I learned first of all to prioritize my life and the things that really matter to me. Secondly, define my purpose and understand my belief system. And finally, it is always important that someone from time to time tells you: look, it's been three weeks and we haven't moved forward how can I help you?

  • Anneka D’Cruz - Chief of Staff - Bazaarvoice

    Daya was critical in the development of our executive leadership coaching program. Dayana coaches every day, every moment, and in every situation. She is naturally gifted and passionate about her craft. I have personally benefited from her coaching and watched her clients uplevel their skills. I leaned on her for advice on several talent-related projects.

  • Jessie Nadar - Head of Go-to-Market Programs - Shopify

    Daya is an incredible coach, who uses her impressive skills, high levels of empathy, and keen insight to bring others to a point of clarity! Her effervescent energy and pursuit to do better raise the performance of everyone around her - especially her clients! I thrived during my time partnering with Dayana, she was able to listen to my problems, and provide insightful guidance to identify actionable steps. She always found a way to elevate thinking and generate more innovative outcomes. I loved partnering with Dayana and would jump at the chance to do it again.