One-On-One (12 Month Plan)

One-On-One (12 Month Plan)

One-On-One (12 Month Plan)

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What does it involve?

You’ll work one-to-one with a professional performance coach to uncover how you can maximize your potential and achieve your aspirations in all areas of your life - from health and personal development to finances, relationships, and career. 

What do you get from it?

With personalized coaching, you’ll:

- Gain clarity regarding what you seek to gain from all areas of your life 

- Uncover your core values and determine what is truly important to you. 

- Feel empowered and equipped with the tools and knowledge to achieve your goals.

- Receive full support throughout each step of the way.

Who is this for?

One-to-one coaching is for you if you resonate with any of the below:

- You feel that something is missing and want to find your life purpose

- You feel exhausted, uninspired and demotivated on a regular basis.

- You feel stuck and want a more meaningful career but don’t know how to advance.

- You want to make better decisions and organize your life.

- You are tired of going back to old habits and you are looking for permanent changes.

- You want to create new and stronger relationships.

- You feel overwhelmed by the cost of living and want more control over your finances.

  • Cynthia  Urdaneta - Project Manager - City of Mississauga

    I learned how important it is to trust professionals who are there to guide you and give you the tools to help you succeed. How important it is to understand why you are setting a goal since it helps you visualize it. I learned how to define my plan, follow it and readjust it if needed. And to use the lessons learned, what worked, when you're stuck to move forward.

  • Dylan Hughes - Technology Manager, Shopify

    Daya puts her passion for helping others develop and grow at the forefront of all her interactions. She is able to help them create a safe space where difficult decisions can be mapped out into actionable steps. Her situational coaching and mentoring are backed by strong frameworks and models making the hard stuff seem very easy. What’s very impressive about Daya’s style is that she is able to incorporate development in a way that is aligned with the individual’s personal and professional values.  Making me feel comfortable at all times.

  • Laura Gutierrez - Pricing Analyst - DSV

    “These first four sessions have been incredible. It has really been a game changer to have established my goals and reviewed them periodically. It has allowed me to focus like never before, and much of what I achieved in my first quarter was because of this, so it was also thanks to you! Making this space for me has helped me to work and improve all areas of my life, and knowing that you give me 100% of your attention when we are in session fills me with motivation! I look forward to our next sessions! Really thank you for what you do"