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Corporate Programs

Corporate Programs

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Agile Goal Setting Workshop

Purpose of the course

Boost your employees' motivation and empower them to achieve goals in all areas of their life with corporate coaching. This three-step goal-setting process will inspire your team to engage in all aspects of their life: health, personal development, finances, relationships, and career.

Learning objectives

This corporate workshop will help your teams:

- Understand the difference between rigid and agile goals.

- Recognize the value and importance of holistic goal setting in each of the five areas of your life.

- Acquire clarity and achieve your goals by leveraging the three-step, agile goal-setting process.

- Complete an individualized goal-setting plan for the next 12 months.

- Develop a tracking system for your action plan review. 

What’s in it for me?

This goal-setting workshop will:

- Create confident, engaged employees who are more renewed and motivated in their work.

- You’ll enjoy greater productivity and a happier, fulfilled workplace.

- Employees will feel intellectually stimulated which will foster a culture of continuous growth.

- With the tools to reach their goals, employees will feel inspired to work toward personal and collective goals. 

Our approach

Through the 360, agile goal-setting approach, we assess the five areas - career, health, finances, relationships, and personal development. From there, we establish goals that are reflective of the present but that can be refined or retooled down the road, as circumstances shift. 

360 Vision Board Workshop

Purpose of the course

Gain clarity on your goals and create a vision board and action plan to help you achieve them. In this corporate coaching workshop, we’ll teach your team to define both their professional and personal goals and equip them with tools to help achieve in both areas of their life.

Learning objectives

Your team will better understand their goals by learning the three-step goal-setting process. They will understand what a vision board is, why it’s a powerful tool, and how to create an effective one. Additionally, they will learn how to make a digital vision board to manifest on the go.

What’s in it for me

By creating their vision boards, your teams will:

Gain clarity when it comes to ideas, aspirations, and dreams. Hold themselves accountable by setting achievable goals.Transforms the inner belief system by making it more self-motivated and specific.Our approachRelevant: vision boards are created according to individual goals Holistic: the vision board encompasses all areas of life: health, finances, career, personal development, and relationships Actionable: the board illustrates the desired vision as well as the process for achieving the results 

  • Anneka D’Cruz - Chief of Staff - Bazaarvoice

    Daya was critical in the development of our executive leadership coaching program. Dayana coaches every day, every moment, and in every situation. She is naturally gifted and passionate about her craft. I have personally benefited from her coaching and watched her clients uplevel their skills. I leaned on her for advice on several talent-related projects.

  • Jessie Nadar - Head of Go-to-Market Programs - Shopify

    Daya is an incredible coach, who uses her impressive skills, high levels of empathy, and keen insight to bring others to a point of clarity! Her effervescent energy and pursuit to do better raise the performance of everyone around her - especially her clients! I thrived during my time partnering with Dayana, she was able to listen to my problems, and provide insightful guidance to identify actionable steps. She always found a way to elevate thinking and generate more innovative outcomes. I loved partnering with Dayana and would jump at the chance to do it again.